how to make hard boiled eggs
how to make hard boiled eggs

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

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How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs – I’m going to show you how to make hard boiled eggs and everyone has their own methods for doing this. I typically go with the simplest method one that works for me. So I’ll share that with you and hopefully it works for you too. Its different with how to make soft boiled eggs. Alright let’s get started here so what we’re going to do. First is just add some water into a pot doesn’t matter if it’s hot cold or warm the size of the pot will be determined by how many eggs you plan on cooking. I’m going to go with it doesn’t here so you just want to have a pot big enough so that the eggs can lay flat on the surface of the pot while they cook. How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs.

You Want Just Enough Water

So we would cover about an inch above the eggs and then go ahead and set the stove to a high heat just so we can get the water boiling. Once the water reaches a rapid boil which is what you see here then we can go ahead and add the eggs in one by one and now the pain-in-the-ass part which would be adding the eggs into the boiling water one by one without dropping them and cracking them on the bottom of the pan or having them break on one another and you’re probably thinking why didn’t he put the eggs in first then the water and then start boiling it while that may sound easier this way will be more effective to ensure that you don’t over cook the eggs.

how to make hard boiled eggs
how to make hard boiled eggs

So you just repeat the process for however many eggs you’re using the boiling will start to slow down a little bit that’s fine and normal go ahead and set the timer to about 13 minutes which seems to be the magic number and lower the heat. The reason for lowering the heat is so when the water starts boiling again it doesn’t overflow over the pot and also so the eggs don’t jump around and crack into each other. How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs.

13 Minutes

Now that 13 minutes is up we’re gonna go ahead and shut the heat off if the handles are still hot make sure you use gloves for this but all we’re going to do is empty the hot water out of the pot without breaking any of the eggs and then you’re going to replace that with cold water.

You can go ahead and fill that pot about halfway with cold water and then add some ice cubes what this will do is it will shock the eggs in ice-cold water after they were hot making it much easier for the shell to peel off without breaking.

15 minutes

After about 15 minutes or so the ice will probably melt leaving them in cold water. Now you can go ahead and start the cracking process. And now you just peel them one by one you can go ahead. And smash it down on the counter roll it back and forth a little bit to loosen the shell. It should peel off pretty simply some will be more difficult than others. You also do not have to peel them right away. But if you do let them sit too long or keep them in the fridge. It will be more difficult to peel.

All right so it’s as simple as that. Now what happens if you have more than one container of eggs in the fridge and you forgot. Which ones your hard-boiled and which one right hard-boiled, well the easiest thing to do is simply mark them.

So that’s about it as you can see the whole process it. Could take up to a half hour depending on how long your water takes. To boil but these are simple guidelines it might change. From you and your stove and how big of a pot to use. But that’s just some stuff you have to mess around with these are the simplest guidelines. Hopefully this article helpful.

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